Our Philosophy


In the Buddhist tradition, the blue lotus symbolizes victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence and wisdom, and of knowledge.  As a boutique practice, Blue Lotus Psychological Services embodies this belief by combining sound clinical psychotherapy with the healing practice of Reiki, creating an experience in healing which is holistic and respectful of the whole being.  Reiki can be described as a healing technique based on the principle of healing energy, which is channeled through the practitioner, in order to promote  and restore physical and emotional well-being. Major hospitals including Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital, Portsmouth Regional Hospital in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and even our own Northwestern Memorial Hospital utilize Reiki practitioners in conjunction with western medical treatments to improve patient outcomes.  Television’s Dr. Oz endorses the practice of Reiki as well. I strive to accompany my clients on their journey into wellness by empowering and supporting them as they evolve in their personal wisdom of self.