Meet the Therapists

IMG_0876Anne-Marie C. Nicolas, Psy.D.

As a clinical psychologist and Reiki Master, Anne-Marie C. Nicolas, Psy.D. combines her traditional clinical training with a holistic treatment perspective which incorporates the mind, body, and spirit of each client individually, respecting each person’s beliefs with compassion. Dr. Nicolas attended the American Psychological Association accredited Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida; becoming a Doctor of Psychology in 2008. Before obtaining her doctorate, she worked as a counselor at a crisis stabilization unit, clinical assessor for a major hospital in Orlando, Florida, and with sexually abused children. While in her doctoral program, her directed study focused on self-image development in adolescent African-American females. She also acted as a coordinator of research into the evolving attitudes related to interracial relationships in our society. Her internship and postdoctoral training occurred in an inpatient substance abuse treatment facility and she credits these experiences collectively with providing a rich atmosphere for her personal, professional, and spiritual journey as well as shaping her clinical practice. Dr. Nicolas has also acted as a clinical director and values working in collaboration with other professionals. Her areas of interest and specialty include holistic addiction treatment, psychological assessment, trauma informed therapy, holistic and spiritual health, transpersonal psychology, client centered psychotherapy, chronic pain management, and work with ethnically and spiritually diverse populations. From a young age, Dr. Nicolas has had a calling to assist others as they heal from psychological and spiritual wounds. She is descended from a family of healers. Most notably, her father Dr. Aristomene Nicolas, M.D., a renowned internist and pathologist in Chicago until his passing. She believes in the mind, body, and soul connection which is reflected in her practice. Dr. Nicolas believes in providing “care with integrity.”

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Lauren M Jackson LCPC, CDVP

Passionate, empathetic and a driven desire to help facilitate positive change in the lives of others is the motivating force behind Lauren Michelle Jackson. Having the ability to relate to others and find common ground has served her well as a licensed clinical professional counselor, life coach, motivational speaker and Domestic Violence advocate.

Lauren’s passion for serving others began when she started her counseling career as a Domestic Violence Therapist and Community Educator. Under this title, Lauren gave individual and family therapy services to victims and their children, led women empowerment groups, ran teen and adult dating violence seminars/workshops, taught Domestic Violence educational classes and conducted outreach presentations on the importance of Domestic Violence awareness.

Adding to her work history, Lauren also served as a Mental Health Consultant providing therapeutic and referral services to children and their families that participated in Head Start/Early Head Start programs throughout the city of Chicago. In addition, Lauren also served an Adult Mental Health Therapist working with outpatient clients that suffered from Axis 1 mental illness disorders.

Guests working with Lauren often become empowered to place themselves back on their own priority list, confront feelings from their past – often trauma-related- and find ways to gain the healthiest relationship with themselves. This ultimately is based on Lauren’s belief that if we have the best relationship with ourselves it will show to be true in all other aspects of our life’s journey. It is with this awareness that individuals are allowed to give themselves permission to live their absolute best and most authentic life yet.

Lauren believes therapy should be a collaborative process, however just like most things in life one get’s out of therapy what they are willing to put in it.  Lauren is aimed to provide a supportive and objective environment for guest to explore, become educated and to create the change guests desire to see.

Lauren is a truly a Gestalt therapist at heart with influences of Feminist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well.  She believes that by exploring and gaining awareness of one’s past grants them access to understanding the nature behind their behavioral patterns and give them the opportunity to make better-informed decisions within their lives to help foster their continual growth.

Marcellus A Rose III LCSW

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Marcellus’ clinical practice has been primarily focused on individual and family psycho-social issues. He graduated from Illinois State University’s School of Social Work in 2014 with a Master of Social Work Degree. Prior to graduating with his MSW he worked for several years at a local social service agency providing direct care services to children and families. His clinical graduate internships in Resident Treatment Therapy and Foster Care Therapy provided him with the opportunity to work with adults and children suffering from trauma-related disorders and a variety of psycho-social issues. Through these learning experiences Marcellus developed a clinical perspective which allows him to view the individual as experts of their own conflict and presenting issues. It is his belief that this clinical perspective along with his abilities to relate, be empathic, and advocate facilitates a dynamic therapeutic process and relationship.

Having previous work experience as a residential counselor, substance use counselor, community mental health counselor, and correctional mental health therapist, Marcellus has a true understanding of what it means to meet individuals on their level and gain insight into the problematic areas of their life. Using a social work lens, he seeks help individuals and families recognize ways in which their environment may be beneficial to or exacerbating their identified issues. This technique allows Marcellus to learn from individuals/families expertise and unique lived experiences to inform therapeutically professional and effective alternatives for change. He strives to be the link between the individual, presenting issues, and the environment to identify the most positive and effective outcomes.

Marcellus has a broad range of clinical interest with most of his experience being with Trauma-Informed and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy orientations along with influences from Psychoanalytic, Solution Focused, and System theories. Additionally, he is influenced by a holistic clinical approach as it is his understanding the mental health needs are just as important as physical and spiritual health needs. Marcellus views therapy as a navigation system-the therapist is the GPS offering a number of directions to help reach your goal, but you are the driver.


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