Meet the Doctors


Anne-Marie C. Nicolas, Psy.D.

Dr. Nicolas attended the American Psychological Association accredited Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, becoming a Doctor of Psychology in 2008. Before obtaining her doctorate, she worked as a counselor at a crisis stabilization unit, clinical assessor for a major hospital in Orlando, Florida,  and with sexually abused children. While in her doctoral program, her directed study focused on self image development in adolescent African-American females.  She also acted as a coordinator on research into the evolving attitudes related to interracial relationships in our society.  Her internship and postdoctoral training occurred in an inpatient substance abuse treatment facility and she credits these experiences collectively with providing a rich atmosphere for her personal, professional, and spiritual journey as well as shaping her clinical practice. Dr. Nicolas has also acted as a clinical director and values working in collaboration with other professionals.  She is a member of the Illinois Psychological Association. Her areas of specialty include holistic addiction treatment, the practice of Reiki, psychological assessment, forensic consultation in family law, holistic and spiritual health, client centered psychotherapy, chronic pain management,  and work with diverse populations.

Please listen to Dr. Nicolas on Voice America internet radio discussing chronic pain management:



James Bruce, Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce trained in clinical psychology from a sport psychology orientation, in the 1980s, Dr. Bruce blends strength-based, established therapy approaches with compassionate common sense to help people bring out the best in themselves.

Dr. Bruce is successful because he uses own strengths–…–to connect with people in ways that result in people feeling  meaningfully valued. Dr. Bruce’s strengths are related, in no small measure, to his passion for sports and experiences as an accomplished high school and intercollegiate track & field athlete. Using these resources…are relationships.

Dr. Bruce is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, where he serves as a member of the association’s Master’s Thesis Award Review Committee, as an abstract reviewer for the association’s annual conference, as a guest manuscript reviewer for the association’s Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, and as a member of a number of special interest groups. Dr. Bruce is also a member of the International Society of Sport Psychology. Please listen to Dr. Bruce on Voice America Internet radio discussing Sports Psychology: